The 3D print is not to be imagined without

Heinz-Dieter Kessler founded Kessler Plastics GmbH in 1988 as a small service company in the tranquil town of Kredenbach near Kreuztal. The small company made a name for itself in the region with reliable contract work and has developed into a qualified full-range supplier of injection moulding services. Equipped with modern machinery and more than 120 employees, the company is now under the management of the founder’s son Michael Kessler.

Kessler Plastics GmbH has changed over time and courageously adapted to the market. In addition to its core business, injection moulding and contract manufacturing, the plastics specialists offer a complete, integrated solution for customers – ranging from CAD design for tool moulds, the development of initial prototypes and the manufacture of the mould to the production stage. In addition, Michael Kessler has dared to take a brave look into the field of additive manufacturing and has recognized many advantages for himself and his customers, thus discovering 3D printing for himself. Since then, Kessler Plastics GmbH has been using the Markforged carbon fibre 3D printer Mark Two.

“3D printing has become indispensable to us. We get parts overnight!”
Michael Kessler, Managing Director, Kessler Plastics GmbH


Kessler Plastics GmbH has made it its business to offer its customers better and faster access to prototypes without the need to produce new, expensive injection moulds. Development cycles should be accelerated or even reduced. In addition, the demand on prototypes is particularly high – dimensionally accurate prototypes in first-class quality, with comparable properties of the later injection moulding material was the goal in order to make the feasibility and economic efficiency perfectly calculable for future series production.


  • SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD from COFFEE for fast creation of 3D models
  • Edit 3D model in the EIGER Software
  • 3D printing prototypes and small series with the Mark Two
“Not only do we save time, but also resources, materials, and therefore money.”
Lars Oster, IT Manager, Kessler Plastics GmbH