Reducing Dependencies on Supply Chains

Reducing Dependance on the Supply Chain Healthy supply chains have been the foundation of business life since trading began. But what happens if your supply chain is interrupted due to external influences? This can pose major challenges for companies. This guide from Markforged and Mark3D focuses on the supply chain management of the [...]

The Metal X – Gen 2 | World Premiere

Markforged Announces Metal X Gen 2, Next Day Metal and the X7 Field Edition New printers and software updates for "The Digital Forge" enable manufacturers to overcome challenges faster and easier than before. Watertown, Massachusetts - June 22, 2021 - Markforged, today announced three major enhancements to the platform: Metal X [...]

Machining Onyx with Guhring

Mark3D Partners with Guhring Ltd to Machine Onyx Mark3D UK has been asked a number of times – “can you machine Onyx and what are the results like”, so we set about finding out with the help of Guhring UK, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality cutting tools. Ian Weston of [...]

MMF 1 – Film hinges 3D printing

MarkForged Mechanical Features [MMF] is a series of blog posts detailing best practices for designing common traditional engineering parts and mechanical features for composite reinforced 3D printing with MarkForged printers Welcome to the first edition of Markforged Mechanical Features! We get questions from customers on a regular basis asking for help integrating the mechanical features [...]

Metal 3D Printing Process in 3 Steps

Metal 3D Printing Process in 3 Steps A detailed look at the entire metal 3D printing process from design to functional metal part. Metal 3D printing unlocks an entirely new world of manufacturing capabilities for both technology and business. It eliminates the need for tooling spend, which reduces the cost per [...]

Operational resources economically out of the 3D printer?

To be honest... who on the production floor doesn't know it. How do you currently manufacture your operating equipment such as fixtures, workpiece holders, clamping elements and soft jaws?   Operational resources economically out of the 3D printer? Equipment such as fixtures, workpiece holders, clamping elements and soft jaws are ideal components for composite fibre [...]

You don’t see any potential for 3D printing in your company?

You don't see any potential for 3D printing in your company? Again and again I hear: "We have no potential for 3D printing. It's not interesting for us." BUT Is this really the case or are we trying to understand a new technology with old patterns of thought? Ask yourself the following questions: Where [...]

Embed nuts in the 3D print

Markforged Mechanical Features Most 3D printing plastics are not strong enough to print threads. Their yield strength is significantly lower than that of metals. Even fibre reinforcements do not protect against high wear. Precision and high bonding strength can only be guaranteed by metal threads. We have already explained before how this problem [...]

Avoid threads on the component

Avoid threads on your 3D-printed components Under certain circumstances it may happen that your 3D printed component does not correspond to the desired or usual quality. The reason for this is often a lack of maintenance of the printer or incorrect storage of the materials. If the result of your 3D printing is unsatisfactory, [...]