Precise PLA

What is Precise PLA?

Precise PLA is our special version of the popular prototyping plastic polylactic acid, or PLA for short. We call it “Precise PLA” because it’s PLA in the usual “Markforged Quality”. Our engineers have paid great attention to detail to ensure that printing is very reliable and the user experience is simplified. The result is you get parts that look and work great every time. Eight colors are offered at launch: yellow, red, orange, green, blue, grey, black and white.

Our customers are successful in printing high-strength tools, jigs, and ready-to-use components, but sometimes the high-strength materials are not economical for first viewing samples, prototypes, fit testing, or concept models. We want to give our users the ability to create prototypes without sacrificing “Markforged quality”, i.e. the process is reliable and the parts come out of the machine nicely.

When Should You Print with the Precise PLA Filament?

The precise PLA offers you the possibility to produce first viewing samples cost-effectively. With the Markforged Mark Two you can now print everything from the first sample to the ready-to-use machine spare part with continuous carbon fibers! All from one machine – that can stand on your desk.

This is now possible!

Development times can thus be reduced from several weeks to a few hours.

You can now print precise PLA for the first time and rely on the well-known reliability and process security of Markforged 3D printers.

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