Markforged PX100™ – fast and precise

Additive manufacturing of metal components with new precision.

The PX100 binder jetting system is a game changer and enables series production of everything from industrial components to medical and consumer goods.

The PX100™ system from Markforged

The powerful PX100 offers speed, precision and adaptability and makes additive manufacturing of metal components even more interesting for a growing number of applications.

The PX100 is a game changer in binder jetting technology, enabling mass production of everything from industrial parts to medical and consumer goods. Build complex, production-ready parts right where the components go.


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Outstanding productivity

Printing system with a static accuracy better than 1µm!

– Printing capacity of up to 1,000 cm3 per hour
– Printhead with 70,400 nozzles operating with 2pL droplets at 15.5kHz
– Easily exchangeable powder magazine for quick material changes

Installation space:


Design freedom

PX100 is ideal for manufacturing components with complex geometric structures, intricate internal details and even integrated parts. With the PX100 precision, you can produce metal components that were previously difficult – or even impossible – to produce.

No support structures are required. This minimizes post-processing and increases productivity. Excess powder is almost 100% recycled! Manufacture large quantities of different or individual parts without complex tools and with minimal material consumption.

The drive system

Since 2003 the focus has been on precision and speed.

To ensure long-term precision and accuracy, linear motors and air bearings are used instead of belt drives and screws. All moving parts have an accuracy of 1µm. This combination provides excellent stability and repeatability. The applicator precisely applies even layers of powder and the resolution is excellent: 8000 x 1600 DPI! The result is reliable, detailed parts, time and time again.

PX100 metals

The binder jetting system enables series production of everything from industrial components to medical and consumer products.

Ti6Al4V Titanium

Ti-6Al-4V is a titanium alloy that combines high strength, hardness, and ductility with high corrosion resistance. It nearly matches steel’s strength while being 45% lighter.

Compatible with

316L Stainless Steel

316L is an austenitic low-carbon stainless steel known for excellent corrosion resistance and ductility. It is a versatile material used in a variety of applications and industries.

Compatible with

17-4PH Stainless Steel

17-4PH is a precipitation-hardening martensitic stainless steel known for its high strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and weldability. This versatile material finds application in diverse industries like petroleum, chemical, and aerospace, where it is used for heavyduty machine components.

Compatible with

D2 Tool Steel

D2 is an air-hardening tool steel that offers outstanding hardness and abrasion resistance while still maintaining moderate toughness.

Compatible with

H13 Tool Steel

H13 is a high-performance hot work tool steel with excellent thermal fatigue resistance, hardenability, wear resistance, and toughness. It is commonly used in hot and cold work tooling, but is particularly well-suited for hot work applications due to its exceptional properties.

Compatible with

4140 Steel

4140 is a low-alloyed steel known for its high strength, hardenability, and toughness. It is commonly used to produce gears, pulleys, and fasteners in the automotive and machinery industries, where precise and strong components are required.

Compatible with

Alloy 625

IN625 is a high-performance nickel based superalloy known for its toughness and excellent corrosion resistance in both oxidizing and reducing environments.

Compatible with

Alloy 718

IN718 is a high-performance nickel based superalloy that exhibits excellent strength and good corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures. It is stronger and harder than IN625, but has less corrosion resistance and a lower operating temperature ceiling.

Compatible with

Alloy 247

M247 is a high-performance nickel-based superalloy with exceptional thermomechanical properties. The material is closely related to IN625 and IN718 and displays remarkable inherent oxidation resistance, as well as outstanding strength and creep resistance at high temperatures.

Compatible with

Copper (99,9%)

Copper is a 99.9% commercially pure material with excellent electrical and thermal conductivity properties. It is mostly used for electronics, heat exchangers, heat sinks, engine parts as well as in a variety of industry applications that require good conductivity.

Compatible with

Sample part

See for yourself the quality and strength of a sample component reinforced with continuous fiber.

Learn more about applications with metal 3D printing!

For which applications is the Metal X suitable? How do I design correctly for metal 3D printing? What do users say and where can I find more information? – This is the right place for you! We listed some information leading you directly to the matching answers.

Design Guide

DfAM – How do you design your part best for metal 3D printing? In this guide you will find valuable tips on design, material selection and post-processing.

Problemes to solve

In this white paper, we take a look at three benefits of metal additive manufacturing and three problems the technology is perfectly suited to solve.

Case Study

In this practical case study from Stanley Black & Decker, cost and lead time were saved by optimizing an assembly.

Metal X part


An application engineer from Markforged explains the Metal X system and which materials are available. He also shows a complete run from printing to the finished part.

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Feel the strength of continuous fiber for yourself.