How DUNLOP Systems and Components uses Markforged 3D printers

How DUNLOP Systems and Components uses Markforged 3D printers DUNLOP Systems & Components have achieved what every company wants: cost savings, streamlined processes and achieved greater flexibility. This was achieved thanks to a Markforged Mark Two 3D printer from Mark3D. When Dunlop Systems decided to enter the 3D printing world, little [...]

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The military uses 3D printers in the field

3D printing in the Military "Wars are won or lost by logistics." - Eisenhower The Dutch military use Markforged 3D printers in Mali. More and more applications are simply drawn and printed on site. The continuous fibre-reinforced 3D printers from Markforged are the right choice. Thanks to the possibility of placing a [...]

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Automotive parts with metal 3D printing

Components for classic cars out of a modern 3D-printer? 🤔 RPG Industries, Inc. is always looking for ways to stay cutting edge in a saturated industry. The team decided to bring in a Markforged Metal X system and a Mark Two professional-series 3D printer, which they have used for a wide range of applications. [...]

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3D printing as an advantage in the competitive world

3D printing as an advantage in the competitive world "In this highly competitive world, you need every advantage you can get to produce the parts, do your job, have a leg up on your competition in every single part of the business possible. And 3d printing is huge to help us do [...]

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3D printed tube bending die

Carbon fiber-reinforced, 3D printed tube bending die ✅ Rebula MTB builds custom, high-performance mountain and gravel bikes for riders with big appetites for demanding terrain, and who want a bike that feels like an extension of themselves, tailored to their unique riding style. To hit their goals and delight their customers, they are [...]

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3D Printed Copper Welding Electrode

"3D printing of pure copper using the Markforged Metal X system is faster and cheaper than buying complex machined parts." A german car manufacturer, which operates worldwide, prints customised welding electrodes for spot welding from pure copper! According to one of the company's maintenance managers, component costs were reduced by 50% and [...]

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MMF 1 – Film hinges 3D printing

MarkForged Mechanical Features [MMF] is a series of blog posts detailing best practices for designing common traditional engineering parts and mechanical features for composite reinforced 3D printing with MarkForged printers Welcome to the first edition of Markforged Mechanical Features! We get questions from customers on a regular basis asking for help integrating the mechanical features [...]

Metal 3D Printing Process in 3 Steps

Metal 3D Printing Process in 3 Steps A detailed look at the entire metal 3D printing process from design to functional metal part. Metal 3D printing unlocks an entirely new world of manufacturing capabilities for both technology and business. It eliminates the need for tooling spend, which reduces the cost per [...]