MARK3D at AU London – Trust us, ‘It’s not just another 3D printer’

At Autodesk University London, we challenged delegates to see if they could break one of our 3D printed, carbon-fibre embedded Ducati brake levers. We picked the strongest-looking engineers from the crowd and challenged them to bust the lever made from a Markforged 3D printer. Ian Weston from Markforged reseller MARK3D says, “We asked them to [...]

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Assembly aids and hand tools made easy

As you can see from the prototype stage video above engineers can now make assembly aids and simple hand tools very easily. The particular application you are looking at was developed by one of our customers to help with the assembly of their connectors in tight places, such as the engine bays of [...]

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Carbon Fibre delivers high strength for industrial parts

Strength challenge conducted by Olin College of Engineering in Massachusetts, using Markforged carbon fibre 3d printed chain links Do you want prototypes and end parts that are as strong as aluminium but don’t take weeks to fabricate? More and more companies are turning to a 3D printed continuous carbon fibre composite that can [...]

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3D printed shock absorber using Onyx as the print material

As you’ve seen from a few of our previous posts, every Friday we see what interesting things our creative employees have made at Part of the Week. Since the recent launch of our new Onyx filament, our applications team has been testing the limits of this industrial strength 3D printing material and discovering new ways to [...]

3D printed and carbon fibre reinforced backpack mount

One of the best parts about working for an industrial strength 3D printing company is that you always have access to create strong and functional parts whenever an idea strikes. Over the past two years, there’s been a sharp rise in the prevalence of functional 3D printed parts showing up in our employees’ lives – [...]

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3D Printed Spare Parts for a Go Kart

Today, we embark on a new challenge: re-imagining this go-kart in 3D printed carbon fibre. This adventure is designed to push the limits of 3D printing. From the steering wheel to the steering knuckles, we will be removing individual components from the kart, modeling them in CAD, printing them on our Mark Two 3D printers, [...]

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3D Printed Carbon Fibre Drone Components Part 2

Writer’s Note: Last week we introduced the 3DR Iris+ drone upgrade project we were working on. This week, we’re diving into some of the modifications we had to make to the electrical system that make the upgrade with high strength 3D printed replacement parts possible. Follow along as our 3D printed carbon fibre drone becomes [...]

3D printing of a carbon fibre drone Part 1

There’s more than a few quadcopter and drone enthusiasts at Markforged, which is why we’re excited to share an internal application we’ve been building for the last month. We’re upgrading an IRIS+ quadcopter from 3DRobotics with carbon fibre-reinforced 3D printed components that are both lighter and stronger than the original parts, to see how high [...]

3D printed and Kevlar reinforced abrasion protection for Skateboards

Skateboarding is a rough sport, on both the rider and the board. Both longboards (a subset of longer skateboards) and street skateboards (the type you’re probably used to seeing) suffer from edges splitting on impact as well as a phenomenon called “razor tail.” Razor tail happens because the kick tails (the two ends of the [...]

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How to reinforce a 3D printed saw using Carbon Fibre

Let’s “Cut to the chase” – the Markforged Mark Two 3D printer can print incredibly strong carbon fibre parts. Whether it is for space applications, search and rescue, or simply a need for tools and fixtures, this lightweight, carbon fibre hacksaw is a testament to what can be accomplished on the Mark Two. At Markforged [...]

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