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3D Printers from Markforged – Supplied and supported in the UK by Mark3D

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Markforged 3D Printers from Mark3D UK – the right 3D printer for every application

Markforged was founded to change the way products are made. At the intersection of traditional manufacturing and cutting-edge material science, they believe in a future where going from your design to finished parts is easy, simple, safe and affordable. That’s why they created the world’s only ecosystem of plastic, metal and composite 3D printers— so you can focus on building products that change the world.

Mark3D believe this too. We are a team of experienced engineers with a background in the design and manufacture space. We focus on the supply and support for the full range of Markforged machines. We believe that 3D printers should be available to every engineer in every business, so they can change the world with us.

Desktop Series

Print stronger components from your office with the desktop range of 3D printing machines. Industrial grade hardware, cloud managed software and engineering grade materials combine to allow you to print light, strong replacements for machined aluminum. Now your parts can be ready the same-day, for a fraction of the price.

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X Series

Incredibly strong components with high precision. The large working space on all X-series printers is ideal for robotics, automotive parts, prototype models and prosthetics. With a layer thickness down to 0.05 mm, your components receive a perfect surface finish and the look and feel of an injection moulded component.

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Metal X

Safe, reliable and affordable 3D metal printing from Markforged. The Metal X significantly accelerates your design innovation and delivers metal components overnight. Forget manufacturing from the 20th century and print everything, such as industrial spare parts, injection moulds, product samples and working prototypes.

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Applications for 3D printers from Markforged

Jigs, Fixtures & Tooling

From custom soft jaws for difficult machining operations to alignment jigs for welding, an industrial 3D printer can improve many of the behind-the-scenes tasks associated with manufacturing and fabrication. Complement your manufacturing facility with a Markforged printer and experience shorter lead times, increased machine bandwidth and substantially reduce your manufacturing costs.

End Use Parts

3D printing is now a viable alternative for manufacturing end use parts, proving to be a very cost-effective solution when compared to traditional low-volume production techniques. You can instantly make end-use parts that are very strong, have an excellent surface finish and maintain a high degree of accuracy. This will substantially reduce your companies manufacturing costs.


It’s now possible, using the prototype you created for form and fit, to immediately test for function. The unique range of Markforged materials aren’t just strong, they look good too, so if your prototype works you can leave it in place and get on with something else.
Dramatically shorten development cycles, save money on materials and carry a zero spare part inventory with working prototypes.

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EIGER – powerful and easy to use software is included

The Markforged Eiger software is especially designed for 3D printing with high-end & continuous fibre materials. It is powerful and very easy to use, so your components can be quickly optimized with the right settings and fibre orientations, ensuring great part performance, whatever the application.

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