Mark3D UK – Award winning Markforged Reseller in the UK

Mark3D is the Markforged Reseller of the Year 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022!

Mark3D UK are the award winning Markforged Reseller of high-end 3D printers. We supply, install and support the full range of Markforged printers as well as their print materials, software and accessories throughout the UK. Focusing exclusively on the Markforged range of 3D printers, in addition we are subject matter experts with strong CAD and engineering design skills in-house.

We are:

  • Specialists in additive design and manufacturing for strength critical applications and high strength fibre reinforced 3D printed parts.
  • A young, dynamic and motivated team.
  • Qualified in product design and mechanical engineering.

We help you:

  • Use the Markforged 3D Printers to find the best solution for your requirements.
  • By providing professional support from your idea to the finished product, in terms of 3D printing.

So that you:

  • Can print in carbon fibre or metal quickly, efficiently and competitively.
  • Make better decisions whilst designing and developing your products.

Our core business is:

  • The sale and support of Markforged 3D printers, print materials, software and accessories in the UK.
  • Consulting in the additive manufacturing of strength-critical functional components.
  • 3D printing of fibre reinforced pattern components.

Mark3D has now been named Markforged Partner of the Year worldwide for the fifth year running! The entire team is delighted with this award and is working hard to bring the Markforged 3D printers closer to more industrial companies in the UK.

Markforged has a superb team of designers and engineers with a wealth of experience and success in 3D printing. They have created unique hardware, unique software and unique materials to enable you to print stronger. We have a close partnership with Markforged.

The Digital Factory

While other companies have spent years over-promising additive 3D as the coming of a new industrial revolution, we’ve been methodically perfecting the platform that fulfills the promise now.

We call our hype-free platform the Digital Forge.

The Digital Forge brings the power of agile software engineering to the world of industrial manufacturing. Far more than an industrial 3D printer, it’s a robust, code-first platform that glues together hardware and materials with the power of the cloud to continuously improve itself. Our customers are investing in a product that actually gets smarter and performs better with time.

And the impacts are remarkable. Companies that use our Digital Forge can massively improve their business metrics and profoundly change the way problems are seen and solved.

The market is thick with dumb machines that are promoted with revolutionary rhetoric. But there is only one truly smart platform that simultaneously predicts and builds tomorrow’s manufacturing – the Digital Forge.

The Pillars of our Values


The Digital Forge unleashes the power of the individual and the organization by changing mindsets about problem-solving. We reduce the distance between the user and the solution, removing pain points while fostering rapid prototyping, iteration, and creative exploration across the entire supply chain. In a broader sense, our products can transform entire organizations, shortening design cycles and allowing groups to become more nimble, responsive, and efficient.


Our mature system exemplifies stability, enabling our customers to work and innovate with confidence and ease across a wide range of industrial materials. We’ve engineered smart machines and 21st-century, cloud-based software into a connected and reliable platform that simply works—today, and even better tomorrow.


Our user interface is seamless, elegant, and a joy to use. Its turnkey design facilitates problem-solving and ingenuity by taking care of the details, stripping away minutiae that usually gets in the way. This allows even first-time operators to intuitively understand the system as they use it, then quickly integrate it into their toolkit.


Markforged products love to learn, and they get smarter every day. Centered on continuous improvement, our engineers, software, and hardware work together holistically – predicting change, adjusting, and making our systems collectively smarter. While our competitors ship software updates every 6 months, the Digital Forge evolves and improves in real-time.