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Across a variety of industries including automotive, aerospace, robotics, and consumer electronics in tooling and mould making; Markforged technology is already being used by leading companies worldwide to explore innovation faster and at lower cost.

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The advantages of 3D printing in detail

Metal 3D printing at Stanley Black & Decker

Looking for a cost-effective alternative to produce complex, low-volume parts, Stanley Black & Decker’s engineers came up with 3D printing technology – more specifically, MARKFORGED Metal X’s additive manufacturing technology.

Download the report from Stanley Black & Decker to see the part and performance comparison of the original parts with the 3D printed parts. Learn why Stanley Black & Decker can save thousands of dollars a year on a single component, thanks to modern metal 3D printing technology!

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3D print with Dunlop Systems and Components

Having spent a substantial amount over the last few years on tooling, jigs & fixtures and prototype builds the team needed to make savings to help the company remain competitive in the market place.

Learn how DUNLOP got a super quick ROI and why they are convinced that the technology will form a major part if their business strategy moving forwards.

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Composite Jaws Overnight

30x lower costs
14x faster production

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Heat-resistant Thermoset Mold

4x lower cost
2,5x faster production

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Lathe bar puller for CNC machine

75x lower cost
18x faster production

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Gripping jaws for robots

30x lower cost
10x faster production

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Further Success Stories

3D Printing Super Strong Robots with Carbon Fibre

Robo Challenge is a creative engineering company that pushes design and materials to the absolute edge. A small family outfit based in Birmingham, brothers Grant and James along with dad Nick, have built a reputation for building some of the toughest and most creative robots in the World.

3D Printing Super Strong Robots with Carbon Fibre.

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Successful practice applications

Successful customer applications with onyx and nylon

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