DANA Incorporated 3D print fixtures and dies with Markforged

DANA Incorporated’s success story with 3D printed fixtures, dies and prototypes:

DANA Incorporated is a Fortune-500 company with a rich 115-year history as a supplier of drivetrain and e-Propulsion systems for the automotive industry. With 36,000 employees in 33 countries and manufacturing facilities all around the world, Dana has invested in additive manufacturing (3D printing) by deploying numerous Markforged metal and carbon fibre 3D printers across their facilities. The Power Technologies business, which is heavily focused on vehicle electrification, designs and manufactures heat exchanges and sealing products for the mobility industry.

In the application spotlights and case study below, you will see how DANA succeeded with Markforged, implementing additive manufacturing facilities in seven countries; Italy, the USA, Canada, Brazil, Germany, India, and China. The first showcases a 3D printed workholding fixture DANA created for a prototype cooler, and the second demonstrates custom sheet metal forming dies reinforced with carbon fibre.

For DANA Incorporated’s complete success story, you can download the PDF via the form below.

Workholding Fixture

Dana 3D printed cooler workholding fixture

3D Printed Die Set

Dana 3D printed Die Set for stamping sheet metal
Dana Incorporated Logo

At a glance:

  • 70% manufacturing cost savings

  • 90% lead time reduction

  • Markforged 3D printers in 7 countries

  • Rapid product testing

  • Strong enough for internal tooling and fixtures

  • DANA 3D printing with Markforged since 2018

DANA Incorporated are now making their manufacturing processes more efficient, helping their engineers globally. Still not convinced?

Get in touch with us at Mark3D UK Limited to arrange a live demonstration at your facility, or to request a demo 3D printed part to test yourself!

Dana 3D printed die set for stamping sheet metal with Dana logo

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