Lean Machine 3D Print Vice and Soft Jaws with Markforged

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Lean Machine is a metal fabrication job shop in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, specializing in custom machining with a 5-axis CNC mill. A job for a customer required Kurt vices to hold a component while the mill cut the part. To avoid collision between the mill head and the vice, the stock would have to be clamped 12-14 inches from the cutting area.

This was not an acceptable option, as a cantilevered part takes longer to machine and results in a less accurate cut. The team considered building their own metal custom vice, however they could not justify the $6,000 price tag. With Markforged however, they were able to print custom vice/soft jaw combinations at $1,500 a piece, saving weeks in the process.

Download the PDF to see how Lean Machine made use of Markforged’s accurate prints and non-marring materials in this and other jobs.

Lean Machine 3D printed vice and soft jaw with savings
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At a glance:

  • 75% manufacturing cost saving

  • 66% manufacturing time saving

  • Aluminium strength at half the weight

  • Non-Marring composite material

  • Accurate 3D printed parts every time

  • Materials with excellent mechanical properties

  • Material withstands cutting fluids and abrasive environments

Could you benefit from quick, cost effective in-house manufacturing like Lean Machine? By 3D printing, they are able to take on CNC milling jobs that would otherwise have been impossible. 

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Workholding vice for CNC milling

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CNC milling and machine shops are cost-effectively replacing aluminium workholding, and taking on jobs that would otherwise have been impossible using Markforged industrial 3D printers.

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