SDHQ 3D Print Welding Jigs with Markforged

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SDHQ Off-Road, based in Gilbert Arizona, designs and develops custom products for use in off-road vehicles.

Markforged enabled SDHQ Off-Road to accelerate its research and design (R&D) process to develop custom off-road truck racks to secure critical equipment. Foreman Kevin Ketchner welds steel plates into custom fixtures to hold the end products together during welding. This required a lot of time and manual labour. Despite his many years of experience and expertise, the process was inherently fraught with dangers for reduced quality – imperfect bending, crooked gluing, corrosion, unrepeatability and human error.

Kevin quickly realized that “the process of making the printed fixtures was much faster and easier”. His Mark Two eliminated the problems that the welded jigs had. Fixtures no longer had to be made by hand and could actually be designed to better secure the parts to be welded. In addition, Onyx is corrosion resistant and can easily reprint fixtures if they fail.

Download the application spotlight PDF to see the details of SDHQ’s 3D printed welding jigs and fixtures.

SDHQ 3D printed welding jigs for workholding
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At a glance:

  • 99% manufacturing cost saving
  • 93% manufacturing time saving

  • Reliable, repeatable, resilient parts

  • Precisely matched geometry for a perfect fit

  • Excellent corrosion resistance, heat tolerance and strength

  • Materials with excellent mechanical properties

  • Overnight replacement of lost or damaged parts

Could you benefit from quick, cost effective, in-house manufacturing like SDHQ Off-Road? By 3D printing, they can have new jigs and fixtures ready in hours instead of days, and save hundreds of dollars on every part they manufacture.

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SDHQ 3d printed welding jigs

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Welders and fabricators are cost-effectively replacing metal jigs and workholding, and taking on jobs that would otherwise have been impossible using Markforged industrial 3D printers.

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