3D Printed BattleBots Quantum [Video]

This 3D printed BattleBot is Quantum – created by the same team behind Robot Wars, this is a super high power crushing jaw robot with 30,000 lbs of force behind it’s teeth.

Team Quantum have made excellent use of Markforged 3D printers, replacing critical structural components of their battle robot that used to be made of aluminium with 3D printed composites. Once such component is Quantum’s collarbones, which are designed to stop the robot from crumpling when it is flipped or subjected to extreme destructive forces in the arena. 

Originally these were manufactured with expensive aluminium, but by using Markforged’s carbon fibre reinforcement technology they were able to create new collarbones that are lighter, stronger, and cheaper than aluminium. 

Watch the 1:06 minute video below to see Quantum’s story!


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Team Quantum have fought and won numerous battles against other BattleBots in the arena, including another Markforged 3D printed Battlebot: Valkyrie, which you can read more about here. 

Quantum’s original design incorporated many aluminium components which were costly to manufacture and brittle in the arena. By replacing these aluminium collarbones with Markforged carbon fibre reinforced composites, they were able to create new collarbones that are stronger, lighter, and cheaper than the originals, and with enough flex to survive the extreme forces of battle.

These successes are yet another testament to the strength of modern 3D printed parts and materials. Not just for prototyping, 3D printing is a fully fledged manufacturing technology, strong enough for end use parts and applications with extreme forces, like modern factory floors. 

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quantum 3d printed battlebot
quantum 3d printed battlebot composite collarbone

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