Wärtsilä produces the world’s first 3D-printed CE-certified hoist

Here you can see the world's first CE-certified, 3D printed hoist that Wärtsilä has manufactured with a Markforged 3D printer! The hoist helps maintain engines on assembly sites worldwide and can lift a whopping 960 kg (with safety factor 4)! This is manufacturing redefined. 100.000 EURO SAVED WITHIN 8 MONTHS 75% WEIGHT SAVING [...]

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Higher machine capacities through 3D printing

Our customer Hockley Ltd specialises in the design and manufacture of composite tools, production and assembly tools, jigs/fixtures and a wide range of associated products for the automotive and aerospace industries. Backed by a forward-thinking board who believe in investment, the group has made several strategic purchases in the last 18 months. "We have [...]

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Pure Copper – Now on the Metal X!

Pure Copper - Now on the Metal X! The next material for the Markforged Metal X is now available with copper. The special thing is that this copper is not an alloy, but a 99.8% pure copper with very high electrical and thermal conductivities. The material is therefore ideal for all applications that [...]

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Markforged Achieves ISO 27001 Certification

Markforged Achieves ISO 27001 Certification Markforged is the first additive manufacturing platform to earn ISO 27001 Certification. Learn more about ISO 27001 Certification and our commitment to ensuring the privacy, confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the Markforged entire ecosystem:“We believe that every product and engineering decision we make has a security component to it, [...]

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Painting Onyx

September’s blog talks about applying finishes to Onyx parts. Faced with a question I couldn’t answer from a customer, I disappeared off home for the weekend with the challenge of spraying one of the showroom samples a metal colour. Having sprayed plastic before I was aware that there are problems getting paint to adhere to [...]

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Have you ever thought about printing a living hinge?

This blog takes a look at how to print a living hinge, which are really simple and very robust. We've bent ours literally thousands of times and it doesn't show any signs of wear or discolouration. There are plenty of applications which suit it very nicely, such as rugged cases, electrical control boxes, enclosures and [...]

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MARK3D at AU London – Trust us, ‘It’s not just another 3D printer’

At Autodesk University London, we challenged delegates to see if they could break one of our 3D printed, carbon-fibre embedded Ducati brake levers. We picked the strongest-looking engineers from the crowd and challenged them to bust the lever made from a Markforged 3D printer. Ian Weston from Markforged reseller MARK3D says, “We asked them to [...]

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Carbon Fibre delivers high strength for industrial parts

Strength challenge conducted by Olin College of Engineering in Massachusetts, using Markforged carbon fibre 3d printed chain links Do you want prototypes and end parts that are as strong as aluminium but don’t take weeks to fabricate? More and more companies are turning to a 3D printed continuous carbon fibre composite that can [...]

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