Machining Onyx with Guhring

Mark3D Partners with Guhring Ltd to Machine Onyx Mark3D UK has been asked a number of times – “can you machine Onyx and what are the results like”, so we set about finding out with the help of Guhring UK, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality cutting tools. Ian Weston of [...]

EIGER – dynamic additive manufacturing software

EIGER - dynamic additive manufacturing software Prep. Print. Manage. Scale. Meet Eiger. Markforged dynamic additive manufacturing software enables you to 3D print any part on-demand from anywhere in the world. Learn more about how you can go from design to part – easier than ever before: Learn more about EIGER [...]

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3rd December – National 3D Printing Day

National 3D Printing Day! 3rd December is the National Day of 3D Printing! 40 years after the invention of 3D printing, the National Day of 3D Printing was declared on 3rd December (3D). This day is meant to raise awareness for the 3D printing industry, educate and inspire. What began [...]

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3D Printed Copper Welding Electrode

"3D printing of pure copper using the Markforged Metal X system is faster and cheaper than buying complex machined parts." A german car manufacturer, which operates worldwide, prints customised welding electrodes for spot welding from pure copper! According to one of the company's maintenance managers, component costs were reduced by 50% and [...]

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Metal 3D printing with Markforged

Metal 3D printing with Markforged 3D printed metal parts overnight! From visiting over 4000 manufacturing sites and working with manufacturing CEO's over the last 15 years, one thing is clear Manufacturers that embrace new technology and process improvement continue to succeed. Big Brand Manufacturers such as Porsche and Siemens are investing [...]

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3D printing: just a hype or a game changer?

With the "Global EY Report 2019 on Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing", EY is now reporting for the third time in a row on the development of additive manufacturing and sheds light on it from various perspectives. Is 3D printing just a brief phenomenon or is it a sustainable technology that is redefining [...]

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Greg Mark about the future of Markforged products

Last year at the Formnext our colleague David Schlawer had a short conversation with Markforged-Founder and CEO Greg Mark. They  have talked about the beginnings of Markforged, future innovations and about companies that do not use additive manufacturing yet. Here you can see a short excerpt of our conversation about the future of Markforged products. [...]

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Mark3D is Markforged Partner of the Year for the 4th time in a row

We are incredibly proud and grateful to have received the 2019 Morgforged Partner of the Year award, which we have now received for the fourth year in a row. A big thank you also to Elia Kuhn and Ülkü Güngor for the best sales team in Europe. 🎊 A big thank you to Markforged for [...]

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