MACH 2024 Wrap Up!

That’s a wrap! The huge MACH 2024 show has now come to an end, and we had a great time. 

Not only did we have the full Markforged range on display including the versatile Mark Two, the beastly FX20, the quick and precise FX10 and the safe and user friendly Metal X – we also had guest appearances on our stand from customers and partners. 

We recently published our new case study highlighting the success of our customer ISS Aerospace, and they kindly let us borrow their massive Sensus L UAV for the duration of MACH 2024. This gigantic flying machine was also the spotlight of our competition for the event: the challenge was to guess exactly how many individual pieces were 3D printed by ISS Aerospace. The answer: 89! We’ll be in touch the winner soon.

Huge thanks to Luke Reed at ISS Aerospace for facilitating such a great competition.

We also had an excellent contribution from the team at Lotus Laser Systems. Their new UV laser marking technology is able to rapidly and consistently mark Markforged materials including Onyx and TPU, and between this cold-marking technique and Onyx’s heat deflection of 145 degrees Celsius, there’s no risk of deformation while marking. Examples of UV laser marked parts featured on the Mark3D stand, including an Onyx soft jaw and a flexible TPU suction cup. 

Another huge thanks to the Lotus Laser Systems team including Aimee Saddington and Erryn Deane for making this exhibit possible. Watch this space – there will be more from Lotus Laser Systems and Mark3D soon as part of our ongoing collaboration!

All in all, the MACH Exhibition 2024 was a great success for Mark3D UK, though we’re all keen to have a rest after such an intense week long show. 

The Mark3D UK Team in Action!

ISS Aerospace Sensus L UAV in the Mark3D Showroom
The Mark3D UK Team at MACH2024

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