#14 Road to Christmas – Corin Group

#14 Road to Christmas – Corin Group A new product launch turns in to so much more! 💪 „Our development of fixtures on the printers was much, much faster, and we have even identified uses where we can continue using the Onyx print as a production fixture.“ – Matt Smith, New Technologies [...]

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#13 Road to Christmas – Dixon

#13 Road to Christmas – Dixon 3D printing with exceptional surface finish! 💪 „These jaws are hard enough to process thousands of stainless steel pipe couplings without wearing down.“ – Dixon Valve ✔ 91 % time savings ✔ 98 % cost savings ✔ Optimised construction for maximum grip Read the whole Case Study [...]

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#12 Road to Christmas – Siemens

#12 Road to Christmas – Siemens Powerful and durable tools with 3D printing! 💪 „The Markforged printers have allowed our engineers to be more innovative, by encouraging them to fail fast. It’s a change in design philosophy.“ – Clifford Hatcher, Director of the Innovation Center at Siemens ✔ Reduce downtime ✔ Requirements for [...]

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#11 Road to Christmas – RPG Industries

#11 Road to Christmas – RPG Industries Reverse-engineering automotive parts using metal 3D printing technology! 💪 „Having the capability to quickly scan a broken part, make the repairs, and print it out on the Metal X has changed things for us!“ – Robert Ginsburg, President at RPG Industries, Inc. ✔ Affordable spare parts [...]

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#10 Road to Christmas – Guhring UK

#10 Road to Christmas – Guhring UK Additive manufacturing fits in a subtractive world! 💪 „Special tools are expensive and have long lead times, so if we could achieve savings in time and tool cost we’d be on to a winner.“ – Alan Pearce, PCD Production Supervisor at Guhring UK ✔ 25 % [...]

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#09 Road to Christmas – Hockley

#09 Road to Christmas – Hockley Higher machine capacities through 3D printing! 💪 „Our recent investment into industrial grade large-format printers to deliver exceptional accuracy, reliability and repeatability has already seen some great results. It’s all backed up by the training and certification of our engineers to get the right part for the [...]

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#08 Road to Christmas – Peil Maschinenbautechnik

#08 Road to Christmas – Peil Maschinenbautechnik 3D printing in special machines construction! 💪 „The great advantage of additive manufacturing is that the material on the spool can be used to produce all shapes.“ – Thomas Peil, Managing Director of Peil Maschinenbautechnik ✔ Better dynamics ✔ Huge time-saver ✔ Sound insulation Read the [...]

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Introducing Onyx ESD

Introducing Onyx ESD! 08.12.2020: It is an exciting day as Markforged introduces their newest material, Onyx ESD, to all Markforged customers and the rest of the manufacturing world!It took some extra iterations to nail it, but the reason we’re excited is that Markforged is releasing a truly differentiated, high-performance material that will change [...]

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#07 Road to Christmas – Stanley

#07 Road to Christmas – Stanley An assembly becomes a single part with 3D printing! 💪 „The Metal X replaced a four part assembly with a single part that works instantly.“ – Stanley Infrastructure ✔ Up to 92 % cost savings ✔ Up to 95 % time savings ✔ Reduced complexity Read the [...]

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#06 Road to Christmas – Robo Challenge

#06 Road to Christmas – Robo Challenge Battle robots with 3D printed parts! 💪 „By letting us push materials and their tolerances to the very limit, we are creating super strong, lightweight 3D printed components that are as strong as aluminium.“ – James Cooper, managing director at Robo Challenge ✔ Super strong [...]

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