#07 Road to Christmas – Stanley

#07 Road to Christmas – Stanley An assembly becomes a single part with 3D printing! 💪 „The Metal X replaced a four part assembly with a single part that works instantly.“ – Stanley Infrastructure ✔ Up to 92 % cost savings ✔ Up to 95 % time savings ✔ Reduced complexity Read the [...]

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#06 Road to Christmas – Robo Challenge

#06 Road to Christmas – Robo Challenge Battle robots with 3D printed parts! 💪 „By letting us push materials and their tolerances to the very limit, we are creating super strong, lightweight 3D printed components that are as strong as aluminium.“ – James Cooper, managing director at Robo Challenge ✔ Super strong [...]

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#05 Road to Christmas – Primetall

#05 Road to Christmas – Primetall Drilling around the corner is possible! 💪„We work very closely with the team at Mark3D. If we have any questions, they help us readily. We would highly recommend the Markforged 3D printers and Mark3D as business partners!“– Raphael Willgenss, Betriebsleiter bei Primetall GmbH✔ Light and stable fuxtures✔ [...]

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#04 Road to Christmas – Nieka

#04 Road to Christmas – Nieka Utilizing Inconel 625 for rapid and repeated temperature cycling! 💪 "By adding the Markforged Metal X in-house, there’s virtually no lead time on these parts anymore!“ – Louis Croisetière PH.D, Founder of Nieka Systems ✔ 80K USD saved per year ✔ 86 % saved in lead time [...]

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3rd December – National 3D Printing Day

National 3D Printing Day! 3rd December is the National Day of 3D Printing! 40 years after the invention of 3D printing, the National Day of 3D Printing was declared on 3rd December (3D). This day is meant to raise awareness for the 3D printing industry, educate and inspire. What began [...]

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#03 Road to Christmas – KAJA

#03 Road to Christmas – KAJA By „drag and drop“ to the 3D printed prototype! 💪 "The Markforged 3D printers from Mark3D in combination with SOLIDWORKS are perfect for us! - Dennis Janke, Managing Director, KAJA-Sanitär-Armaturen ✔ Prototypes overnight ✔ Smooth transitions and flowing shapes ✔ Functional prototypes faster and more cost-efficient [...]

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#02 Road to Christmas – Wärtsilä

#02 Road to Christmas – Wärtsilä First CE-certified tool worldwide! 💪"The potential for cost reduction is really considerable. If you want to save at least 1,000 euros per tool, this is a clear advantage. [...] And the beauty of 3D printing is that the design can be printed anywhere and anytime, even on [...]

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#01 Road to Christmas – BAM GmbH

#01 Road to Christmas – BAM GmbH A fully resilient 3D printed edge tool for sheet metal production! 💪 „Additive manufacturing means that there are almost no restrictions in the geometric complexity of a component. This is an advantage when it comes to making components lighter and optimizing them for their intended use.“ [...]

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How DUNLOP Systems and Components uses Markforged 3D printers

How DUNLOP Systems and Components uses Markforged 3D printers DUNLOP Systems & Components have achieved what every company wants: cost savings, streamlined processes and achieved greater flexibility. This was achieved thanks to a Markforged Mark Two 3D printer from Mark3D. When Dunlop Systems decided to enter the 3D printing world, little [...]

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The military uses 3D printers in the field

3D printing in the Military "Wars are won or lost by logistics." - Eisenhower The Dutch military use Markforged 3D printers in Mali. More and more applications are simply drawn and printed on site. The continuous fibre-reinforced 3D printers from Markforged are the right choice. Thanks to the possibility of placing a [...]

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