Reducing Dependencies on Supply Chains

Reducing Dependance on the Supply Chain Healthy supply chains have been the foundation of business life since trading began. But what happens if your supply chain is interrupted due to external influences? This can pose major challenges for companies. This guide from Markforged and Mark3D focuses on the supply chain management of the [...]

The Metal X – Gen 2 | World Premiere

Markforged Announces Metal X Gen 2, Next Day Metal and the X7 Field Edition New printers and software updates for "The Digital Forge" enable manufacturers to overcome challenges faster and easier than before. Watertown, Massachusetts - June 22, 2021 - Markforged, today announced three major enhancements to the platform: Metal X [...]

Machining Onyx with Guhring

Mark3D Partners with Guhring Ltd to Machine Onyx Mark3D UK has been asked a number of times – “can you machine Onyx and what are the results like”, so we set about finding out with the help of Guhring UK, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality cutting tools. Ian Weston of [...]

#18 Road to Christmas – Clenaware Systems

#18 Road to Christmas – Clenaware Systems Production 3D Printing is a reality! 💪 „When Vic and I began looking at 3D printing to see if it was viable for the business, we had no idea where it would take us. Now we’re some way down the road I have no regrets at [...]

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#17 Road to Christmas – BMF GmbH

#17 Road to Christmas – BMF GmbH From prototype to series production with 3D printing! 💪 „We only manufacture what is needed immediately. Our warehouse is now on a spool!“ – Chris Tettalowsky, Head of Blasting Systems at BMF Vertriebs GmbH ✔ 3D printing saves resources ✔ 3D printing creates capacity in conventional [...]

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#16 Road to Christmas – Shukla Medical

#16 Road to Christmas – Shukla Medical Prototype Tools for Surgical Use! 💪 „Being able to prototype more efficiently and get finished products to market more quickly will keep us on the forefront of the industry.“ – Zack Sweitzer, Product Development Manager at Shukla Medical ✔ 10.000 USD saved per month ✔ [...]

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#15 Road to Christmas – Dunlop

#15 Road to Christmas – Dunlop Cost savings, streamlined processes and achieved greater flexibility! 💪 „Mark3D have been great to work with. The dedicated team have a good in-depth knowledge of the Markforged machines and the materials they print. Always fast to respond and very hands-on, they have gone above and beyond to [...]

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#14 Road to Christmas – Corin Group

#14 Road to Christmas – Corin Group A new product launch turns in to so much more! 💪 „Our development of fixtures on the printers was much, much faster, and we have even identified uses where we can continue using the Onyx print as a production fixture.“ – Matt Smith, New Technologies [...]

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#13 Road to Christmas – Dixon

#13 Road to Christmas – Dixon 3D printing with exceptional surface finish! 💪 „These jaws are hard enough to process thousands of stainless steel pipe couplings without wearing down.“ – Dixon Valve ✔ 91 % time savings ✔ 98 % cost savings ✔ Optimised construction for maximum grip Read the whole Case Study [...]

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#12 Road to Christmas – Siemens

#12 Road to Christmas – Siemens Powerful and durable tools with 3D printing! 💪 „The Markforged printers have allowed our engineers to be more innovative, by encouraging them to fail fast. It’s a change in design philosophy.“ – Clifford Hatcher, Director of the Innovation Center at Siemens ✔ Reduce downtime ✔ Requirements for [...]

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