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3D printing as an advantage in the competitive world

3D printing as an advantage in the competitive world "In this highly competitive world, you need every advantage you can get to produce the parts, do your job, have a leg up on your competition in every single part of the business possible. And 3d printing is huge to help us do [...]

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Cirnapro – easy production of complicated components in small lot sizes

Our customer Cirnapro designs metal and plastic parts for the mechanical engineering industry in lot sizes 1-200 and has integrated a Markforged 3D printer into its manufacturing processes to complement its production. Especially the possibility to reinforce with carbon and glass fibre opens up a whole new production spectrum for the company! [...]

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Why 3D printing with Markforged?

Why 3D printing with Markforged? INDUSTRIAL 3D PRINTING Most people think of Yoda heads and fidget spinners as soon as they hear the term "3D printing". Some people may think of building prototypes, but modern 3D printing goes way beyond that. At Mark3D, we understand "3D printing" to mean; high-strength components, robot grippers, [...]

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CNC vs. 3D Printing

CNC vs. 3D Printing:What's the best way to make your part? Introduction The development of stronger 3D printing materials has encouraged manufacturers across industries to explore CNC vs 3D printing, and find ways to 3D print functional parts that were previously CNC machined. The 3D printing process can save manufacturers considerable [...]

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How two universities are driving additive manufacturing technology forward

Learn how Oklahoma State University and Purdue University students use 3D printers. We often report on the various tools, fixtures and production parts that so many companies around the world are making with Markforged technology. But it's not just companies that benefit from additive manufacturing. Universities are beginning to educate students about 3D printers [...]

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BMF GmbH – 3D printed gears in a sandblasting plant

"The components made of the base material onyx have proven to be very wear-resistant and break-proof even under extreme conditions. They can therefore also be used in the sandblasting sector without hesitation. Compared to milled components, a weight reduction of over 60% has been achieved. The lead time for production is now only a [...]

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AUTOFABRICA uses Markforged for beautiful unique pieces

Why design something new when the old ideas often just need a fresh coat of paint? 3D printed components in the motorcycle manufactory AUTOFABRICA LIMITED for beautiful unique motorcycles. Traditional craftsmanship meets modern 3D printing technology. AUTOFABRICA uses Markforged Industry 3D printers to print various components such as the battery box, headlight housing and [...]

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Bridging interrupted supply chains with 3D printing

How 3D printing can help in the fight against the corona virus 3D printing can help shorten the supply chain, but is not a panacea. We are at war against the coronavirus - COVID-19. In times of war, logistics and supply chains are crucial for success - and ours are so tight that they [...]

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PTZ prints copper tool coolers with the Markforged Metal X

PTZ Prototypenzentrum GmbH in Dresden has been producing prototypes in metal and plastic for the most diverse industries for over 20 years. PTZ has a lot of experience with various additive manufacturing processes. For particularly demanding applications, no solution was found - until the components could be manufactured additively on the Metal X. This [...]

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“Additive Manufacturing will take over Subtractive Manufacturing!”

"Just recently I was asked in an interview whether Additive Manufacturing will take over "machining" production in the future." This is a very common question, a prejudice but also a fear of 3D printing technology. Conventional manufacturing technologies such as CNC machining have proven themselves over decades and will of course continue to [...]

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