Markforged Fibreglass CFF Filament – Spool – Volume Upon Selection

//Markforged Fibreglass CFF Filament – Spool – Volume Upon Selection

Markforged Fibreglass CFF Filament – Spool – Volume Upon Selection

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The fibre offers high strength at an affordable price. Fibre glass is 2.5 times stronger and eight times stiffer than onyx and reinforces parts to strong and robust tools.

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Markforged fibreglass is an endless fibre used to reinforce onyx or nylon parts and is available for most Markforged printers (see below for list). Fibreglass parts are 2.5 times stronger and 8 times stiffer than onyx parts. You can use fibreglass for a variety of reinforced, strong and rugged parts.

Flexural 210 MPa
Bend stiffness 22 GPa

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PROFFESSIONAL QUALITY FILAMENTS: High-quality materials for the best printouts of high-strength functional components such as tools, fixtures, templates, assembly tools, assembly aids, production tools in 3D printing

FEATURES: Electrically insulating, best strength-cost ratio

PRINT MATERIAL (FILAMENT) SUITABLE FOR: Markforged Onyx Pro, Mark Two Onyx, Mark Two Nylon 3D Printers, X5 and X7

DELIVERY & amp; SHIPPING: 1x fibreglass CFF filament 50 cm³ roll – the items are securely packed and shipped.

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Mark3D UK is your Markforged UK partner for onyx, carbon fibre and metal 3D printers, materials, software and accessories. If you have any questions please call: 0800 193 3650.

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg


Bending stiffness

22 GPa




150cm³, 50cm³


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