Markforged Nylon / PA 6 filament FFF – 800³cm Spool

//Markforged Nylon / PA 6 filament FFF – 800³cm Spool

Markforged Nylon / PA 6 filament FFF – 800³cm Spool

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Nylon filament / PA 6 is a robust flexible thermoplastic. Nylon parts are flexible and impact resistant and can be reinforced with any Markforged continuous fiber. The material is particularly popular in situations requiring high part flexibility.

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Nylon / PA 6 filament Spool is a flexible and shock-resistant 3D printing material that can be additionally stiffened with all of the continuous filaments from Markforged. It is a versatile 3D printing material both with and without reinforcing fibres. & Nbsp;

Bending Strength 32 MPa
Bend stiffness 0.84 GPa

The printing of high amounts of onyx filament can alter the physical composition of the printhead. This means the printhead will become more suited to onyx than nylon after continued use. You are of course free to swap between the two materials at will, however it is our recommendation that if you want to continue using both materials, you should buy a second printhead for your printer.

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PROFESSIONAL QUALITY FILAMENTS: High-quality materials for the best printouts of high-strength functional components such as tools, fixtures, templates, assembly tools, assembly aids, production tools in 3D printing
FEATURES: Durable plastic
PRINTABLE MATERIAL (FILAMENT) SUITABLE FOR: Markforged Mark Two Nylon 3D Printer and X7 Nylon 3D Printer
DELIVERY & amp; SHIPPING: 1x Nylon FFF filament 800cm³ Spool – the items will be securely packed and shipped.

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Weight 1 kg
flexural strength

32 MPa






Mark Two Nylon, X7 Nylon


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