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Markforged Onyx Filament FFF – 800 cm³ Spool

Markforged Onyx Filament FFF – 800 cm³ Spool

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Free UK Shipping – Onyx filament is a nylon containing carbon fibre. Onyx provides stiff, strong and precise parts. Alone, the material is already 1.4 times stiffer than ABS however it can also be reinforced with any continuous fibre from the Markforged range. Onyx raises the bar when it comes to surface texture, chemical resistance and heat tolerance.

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What is Markforged Onyx?

The Markforged Onyx filament material is at the heart of all our 3D printers. It is a beautiful black filament made of durable nylon / PA6 with micro-carbon fibres. This provides rigid and dimensionally stable parts which are 1.4 times stiffer than ABS thermoplastics (plastics). Onyx parts achieve a high surface quality, chemical resistance and heat tolerance. Items such as jigs and fixtures, robot grippers and soft jaws for machine vices are popular with this robust material.

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When should I 3D print with Markforged Onyx?

Onyx is used as a thermoplastic matrix for composite parts. It can be printed on its own or reinforced with one of the continuous fibres to achieve a strength comparable to aluminium. Use Onyx for everything from tools and fixtures to finished parts.

What is the difference between cut carbon fibres and continuous carbon fibres?

Chopped carbon fibre mixed in onyx filament gives it high stiffness and strength. Continuous carbon fibre is a reinforcing fibre that can be printed in long strands, making composite components many times stronger and stiffer than onyx. For further information, please refer to this article


Bending Strength 81 MPa
Bend stiffness 2.9 GPa
800cm³ Spool

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PROFESSIONAL QUALITY FILAMENTS: High-quality materials for the best printouts of high-strength functional components such as tools, fixtures, templates, assembly tools, assembly aids, production tools in 3D printing

CHARACTERISTICS: Stable plastic with micro-carbon fibres

PRINT MATERIAL (FILAMENT) SUITABLE FOR: Onyx One, Onyx Pro, Mark Two, X3, X5 and X7

DELIVERY & amp; SHIPPING: 1x Markforged Onyx filament 800cm³ roll – the items will be securely packaged and shipped free to the UK.

Markforged UK Reseller

Mark3D UK is your Markforged UK partner for onyx, carbon fibre and metal 3D printers, materials, software and accessories. If you have any questions please call: 0800 193 3650.

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg


Flexural strength

81 MPa

Bending stiffness

2,9 GPa






Mark Two, Onyx One, Onyx Pro, X3, X5, X7


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