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Markforged – X5 – 3D-Printer

Markforged – X5 – 3D-Printer

Manufacture ready-to-use components!

  • Laser-assisted Construction Process Control
  • Build-as-Designed – Realize every design concept
  • Print components more cheaply
  • Hardware, software and materials – perfectly in harmony
  • State-of-the-art EIGER cloud software for editing


The Markforged X5 – Uncompromising Power, Precision & amp; Beauty.

The Markforged X5 is the most powerful 3D printer on the market. With the industrial pressure of incredibly strong parts and the first precision sensor systems, the Markforged X5 becomes the indispensable printer for every manufacturer. Take advantage of Markforged’s unique build-as-designed sensors and the beautiful finish of Onyx. Double strength of common standard plastics and a sophisticated sensor unit combine to provide unrivaled reliability. The Markforged X5 will enable you to make any design concept a reality.

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High Resolution Large Format Printer – For Best Printing Results

The large volume of the Markforged X5 makes it ideal for robotics, auto parts, functional prototypes and small batches. With a layer height of 0.05mm, your parts will come out of the printer with a beautiful surface finish that approximates the look and feel of injection molding.

Ready-to-use components

Now you can print parts faster and cheaper than editing. For load bearing applications that require real strength, these parts are the right choice.

20x Stronger parts at 1/20 of the cost!

20x stronger and 10x stiffer than ordinary ABS. Replace machined aluminum with fibreglass at 1/20 of the cost.

Printing parts with maximum stability

The X5 3D printer delivers unparalleled strength, rigidity and durability in its printed parts. With the unique dual-nozzle printing system, the X5 offers the ability to weave an endless fibreglass in one piece to make it as strong as metal. & Nbsp;

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touchscreen interface

Markforged’s X5 3D printer has a built-in touchscreen that makes it easy to control the wireless connection, start printing, and manage the printer.

The Eiger Software

An innovative, stable or, above all, easy-to-use platform designed to reduce the user’s workload as much as possible. Furthermore, the EIGER software is cloud based, which means that the software is always up to date. From your PC, you can load the 3D print jobs into the cloud-based EIGER software via your browser. The 3D printer can be controlled via LAN cable, USB and W-LAN. The software allows you to manage and catalog your STL files.

Thanks to the ease of use, you can intelligently provide your component’s interior with support structures and completely automatically furnish layer by layer in the selected region of the component with the endless fiber. The fiber density can be changed per layer via a simple slider in the software. Thus, you can design your component perfectly to your force and print out.

The printing process can be paused to embed components in the print. You can thus integrate electronics, sensors and ball bearings into your component.

Optionally, we also provide an EIGER OFFLINE version. Here is another charge.


  • 1x X5 3D Printer
  • 1x dry box
  • 1x Onyx FFF filament 800cm³ roll
  • 1x fiberglass CFF filament 50cm³ roll
  • 3x FFF replacement nozzle
  • 1x tool set
  • 1x Build Platform True Bed X-Series

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Additional information

Weight 46 kg
Dimensions 57.5 × 46.7 × 92.8 cm
Layer Thickness

0,05 mm bis 0,2 mm

Nozzle diameter

Düsendurchmesser FFF-Düse 0,4 mm; CFF-Düse 0,9 mm

Extruder Units


Print Pause Restart



Anodised aluminium unibody

Build Platform (X, Y, Z)

Kinematic coupling Repeat positioning accuracy 0,01 mm




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