Metal 3D printing at Stanley Black & Decker

The component

The STANLEY PD 45 is a hydraulic post-hole driver with high efficiency. In order to actuate the hydraulic drive mechanism, the device uses a group of ball bearings to transfer the pull-off force into the hydraulic actuator. The actuator housing holds these bearings in series to transmit the tensile force around a bend. Each housing is tested each time the operator operates the trigger.

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Design changes

Original component

The original actuator housing consisted of four parts – a cast and machined main housing, laser cut cover plate, and two screws for securing the housing assembly together.


MARKFORGED component

Stanley Black & Decker’s engineers redesigned the part to print on the Metal X. Instead of a four-part assembly, the redesigned part is printed in one piece without carrier material.


The component in the video

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For which applications is the Metal X suitable? How do I design correctly for metal 3D printing? What do users say and where can I find more information? – This is the right place for you! We listed some information leading you directly to the matching answers.

Design Guide

DfAM – How do you design your part best for metal 3D printing? In this guide you will find valuable tips on design, material selection and post-processing.

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Problemes to solve

In this white paper, we take a look at three benefits of metal additive manufacturing and three problems the technology is perfectly suited to solve.

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Case Study

In this practical case study from Stanley Black & Decker, cost and lead time were saved by optimizing an assembly.

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Metal X part


An application engineer from Markforged explains the Metal X system and which materials are available. He also shows a complete run from printing to the finished part.

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