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Scaling your Additive Manufacturing
– Eiger Fleet

On September 13, 2021, Markforged announced the “Eiger Fleet” at RAPID + TCT 2021, a cloud-based software solution that is intended to accelerate the introduction of additive manufacturing processes on a large scale. Eiger Fleet is helping to transform additive manufacturing from a small operation into a large, globally connected, decentralized manufacturing fleet by providing companies with a secure, cloud-connected and centralized source of control for their Markforged 3D printers, users and component production .

As the latest addition to the Markforged Eiger software portfolio, Eiger Fleet was developed to help manufacturers integrate the revolutionary additive manufacturing technologies into their conventional work processes. The software helps automate business processes through integration with existing company systems in order to extend access to the digital forge to the entire company. For companies looking to expand their additive manufacturing capabilities, Eiger Fleet offers enterprise-level capabilities to manage users, devices and data with greater control and efficiency to print parts on demand.

Vestas Wind Systems A / S, a global leader in sustainable energy solutions, uses Eiger Fleet to manage the production of parts and tools for its global fleet of wind turbines on Markforged 3D printers.

“In recent years, Vestas’ Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM) has evolved to connect our locations around the world and support flexible on-demand production of components and tools,” said Jeremy Haight, Principal Engineer, Industrial Automation and Additive Manufacturing at Vestas. “We rely on the Markforged platform with Eiger Fleet and Blacksmith to provide the centralized control, enterprise resource planning (ERP), asset management and other system integrations and pressure analytics for industrial additive manufacturing that our global business needs.”

With Eiger Fleet, Vestas has made it possible for its teams to order a part from their ERP system, create a digitized Kanban inventory system and have this part produced by a Markforged 3D printer near you with a click of the mouse. With Eiger Fleet, Vestas also reduces lead times and costs, which leads to more flexibility and quality. One example given by Vestas is a marking tool that is critical to the proper assembly of the rotor blades on its wind turbines. This used to take a three week lead time and cost thousands of dollars. Now it takes just three days from design to installation and costs less than $ 100.

Eiger Fleet was developed to enable customers to:

  • Control which components, constructions, devices, printing processes and data are accessible to users depending on the task area and permissions by using role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Smooth user and administrator experience through SAML Single Sign-On (SSO), whereby the automatic provision of accounts lowers IT costs and secure access policies with identity protection are simply and consistently enforced.
  • Connect, simplify and automate workflows with the Eiger API and connect your additive manufacturing processes to your existing company software systems.
  • Seamless management of the entire digital parts inventory using batch operations and company-wide default settings.
  • Easily track, analyze and share performance indicators for time and cost savings through additive manufacturing.

“Additive technology is changing manufacturing all over the world. Eiger Fleet is driving the expansion of additive manufacturing by providing our customers with the right control and management tools to deal with issues of safety, quality management, auditing or user errors, ”says David Benhaim, CTO and co-founder of Markforged. “Our customers are able to expand their operations with the right level of control over quality and processes. Eiger Fleet sets the pace for what will be possible in the future of manufacturing through cloud-supported decentralized manufacturing. ”

Eiger Fleet is now available worldwide as a paid software subscription for all Markforged 3D printers.

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