3D printed material with self-extinguishing properties

Markforged, the innovative manufacturer of metal and composite 3D printers, announced the launch of the new material Onyx FR. Markforged has developed a flame-retardant material which can be reinforced with various continuous fibers to open up new applications in aerospace, defense and automotive. Onyx FR has V-0 approval and thus differs from conventional materials used for additive manufacturing. The usual 3D-printed plastics burn, whereas Onyx FR is self-extinguishing. It also has the impressive properties of Onyx: Components manufactured with Onyx or Onyx FR are characterised by enormous stability, excellent print quality and a high-quality surface.

“The industry chooses Markforged because the 3D printers deliver strong, lightweight parts for end-use, resulting in significant cost and time savings,” said Joachim Kasemann, managing director of Mark3D GmbH. “Onyx FR opens up even more applications for 3D printing in the automotive, aerospace and defense industries, as it meets higher fire safety standards. When these components are reinforced with continuous carbon fibers, they are half the weight of aircraft aluminum.

Onyx FR complements Markforgeds’ broad portfolio of industrial metals and composites. EIGER, Markforged’s cloud-based software platform, makes it easy for customers to design a component, select their materials and simply click “print” from anywhere in the company or around the world.
Onyx FR will be available immediately to all new and existing Markforged customers with an X-Series (X3, X5 or X7) 3D printer.
The X7 will be on hand for Rapid.Tech visitors alongside the Mark Two and the Metal X. The Mark Two is a real all-rounder which can be used to print high-strength industrial components in any office. Thanks to its laser-assisted construction process control, the X7 delivers precise composite plastic parts that meet even the highest demands. Thanks to an innovative process, the Metal X delivers metal components such as injection moulds or individual spare parts overnight – completely without toxic metal dust. Markforged thus offers the right machine for all needs.

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