“Just recently I was asked in an interview whether Additive Manufacturing will take over “machining” production in the future.”

This is a very common question, a prejudice but also a fear of 3D printing technology.

Conventional manufacturing technologies such as CNC machining have proven themselves over decades and will of course continue to have their place in the production halls in the future.

It’s all about effectively combining the advantages of both manufacturing technologies.

A “fear” of 3D printing is therefore unfounded. Rather, you should look into the possibilities of this manufacturing technology.

High-strength equipment such as jigs and fixtures, soft jaws or brackets, are individually adapted to the components, very stable and therefore very durable.

With the 3D printed PCD milling cutter from Gühring UK (read case study now), cooling channels could be integrated into the component. The development process from the first prototype to the ready-to-use small series now takes only a few weeks instead of several months as before.


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