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One of the most requested requirements in our Eiger software was the selection of a customizable support structure. You can now freely design the support structures of your components in the Eiger software.

In partial areas of geometries, the structure can now be removed and added as desired.

This saves both material and time, especially when it comes to reworking support structures that are not absolutely necessary.

For example, small cross bores that were previously supported and difficult to free can now be excluded from the support structure in advance in the Eiger software.

We have shown a short application for you in the video.
If you have any questions about the function, please contact us.

When 3D printing parts with overhangs, support material plays a crucial role in ensuring parts are manufactured as desired. After printing, the support material is usually easily removed before the part is used. When supports are enabled, Eiger’s default settings automatically generate support material optimized for most parts. However, some parts contain features such as internal channels, small overhangs, or threads that can be problematic with support material.

As Markforged have said: “We’ve heard from our customers that they would like the control and flexibility to decide which areas of a part to support and which not. In response, we are now announcing that our Eiger 3D slicing and printing software includes a new support material override feature that makes it simple and easy to select customizable support structure.”

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