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New 3D Printer and Proprietary Materials Increase Markforged’s Market for Bigger, Faster, Stronger, and Heat Resistant Parts

Markforged and The Digital Forge, is advancing with a new addition to the range, the FX20. It has been introduced to utilise the in point-of-need production of industrial-strength and end use parts. This new production-ready hardware prints the flame-retardant, high-performance thermoplastic material with ULTEM™ 9085 filament. The FX20 meets the needs of the most demanding industries; aerospace, defence, automotive and oil & gas. The Continuous Fibre Reinforcement printing technology is suited for high-strength, heat resistant, and higher performance parts.

The FX20 is designed to provide high precision production, it is sensor driven, built to scale and globally distributed. Delivering breakthrough accuracy, quality and reliability to fabricate parts with a simple click of a button. Bigger, faster and highly intelligent, the 3D printer pairs size and throughput to produce large parts at an incredible speed. This unique technology paired with high-temperature printing capabilities heightens the Digital Forge platform. Developing the platform from accessible industrial-strength to robust production applications. The heated build chamber is resistant to 200C temperature and the capacity to print parts up to 525 mm x 400 mm x 400 mm in size. The FX20 is up to eight times faster than the default print settings on Markforged’s existing line of composite printers and prints nearly five times larger builds than its next largest printer, the X7.

Combining ULTEM™ 9085 filament with Markforged’s proprietary Continuous Fiber Reinforcement technology will support manufacturers move from augmenting manufacturing operations with composite 3D printing. Replacing entire segments of the supply chain with strong, accurate parts that solve demanding, end-use applications.

World renowned Vestas Wind Systems A/S , a global leader in sustainable energy solutions, has announced plans to use the FX20 alongside existing Markforged machine and will integrate the Markforged composite materials and the new ULTEM™ 9085 filament in to it’s processes to make continuous fibre reinforced parts which are stronger, and can now be made in much higher volumes.

“The Digital Forge has given Vestas a powerful platform to circumvent expensive, multi-step, and time-consuming conventional manufacturing methodology,” said Jeremy Haight, Principal Engineer at Vestas. “When you factor in design iterations, these conventional parts are obsolete in a year or two. With the FX20 and ULTEM™ 9085, we will be able to design and manufacture larger, stronger parts, press a button and take that part right off the print bed to use it immediately with the confidence that it is very durable and robust.”

Many advantages are provided when printing the ULTEM™ 9085 filament with Continuous Fibre Reinforcement. Manufacturers can realize through additive technology as implementing the FX20 to the Digital Forge platform addresses a broader set of needs and applications. This process is unique to Markforged and will provide new opportunities for today’s engineer.

“Markforged continues to build on our innovative legacy and lead the way in composite 3D printing—the future of manufacturing. With the releases of the FX20 and Continuous Fiber Reinforced ULTEM™ 9085 filament, we’re now fulfilling that promise to manufacturers who previously, in the most demanding environments, were unable to experience the benefits of the Digital Forge and our unique materials,” said Shai Terem, President and CEO of Markforged. “By helping move composites toward robust production, we’ll unlock more functional parts, made of stronger materials of even more impressive size, with applications from the factory floor to flight.”

The FX20 and ULTEM™ 9085 filament are proposed to ship worldwide in the first half of 2022. FormNext attendees can experience the printer at Markforged’s booth, 12.0 D01, from November 16-19. Mark3D will be available on the 17th and welcome any visitors from the UK to come and discuss the technology further. To learn more, please join us for “Introducing the FX20” webinar on Nov. 9 at 15:00 hrs GMT.

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