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Eröffnen der CNC-Bandbreite in einer Werkstatt mit 3D-Druck

Recorded webcast from May, 2018

Phil Vickery, President and Owner of Centerline Engineered Solutions, goes out of his way to help clients. But machining a punch and die for a low-volume 14-gauge steel part made the job prohibitively expensive.

Join us for a live conversation with Phil to learn how he leveraged industrial 3D printing to:

  • Dramatically reduce costs by printing the tooling out of chopped carbon fiber and reinforcing critical points with steel inserts.

  • Increase productivity and reduce cycle times by printing jigs, tools, and fixtures

  • Expand manufacturing capabilities and win new business opportunities

Presented by Daniel Leong

Daniel Leong is the Lead Content Engineer at Markforged. Originally from Idaho, he graduated from Olin College of Engineering with a degree in Mechanical engineering. At Markforged, Daniel works on bridging the gap between traditional machining and 3D printing.

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