Beautiful Kevlar® and Nylon powder baskets that make perfect use of the material properties. The nylon flexes to absorb impact and transmits the force to the kevlar.

Chris Hayes also optimized the layout of the fiber in the MarkForged software – see the screenshot below for a detailed view of the Kevlar® layers.


From the Thingiverse listing:

  • 100mm powder basket
  • Hole is 10.5mm at the top, tapered 1 degree

If you are printing on a Markforged Mark One, I highly recommend you download one of the included .mpf files and print from a USB. I put a lot of work into the fiber layout and you won’t get that with just the .stl.


  • Rev C features larger (cooler looking) slots and the REV B updates
  • Rev B has been updated with a larger (1.125mm) bottom edge fillet that MarkForged will not remove with “thin features” turned off and better surfacing on the cutaway at the back
  • In the .mfps, each basket uses 17.3cc nylon (REV C) or 18.4cc nylon (REV B) and 2.3cc kevlar (both revs).