Phone-Wave-Speaker_P1Dan Topjian is the Senior Applications Engineer at MarkForged. When not on site helping customers or printing test parts, he’s at his desk rocking out and testing the Eiger software that runs the MarkForged printer.

Dan’s phone has an awkward design with the microphone on the bottom and speaker on the back. A holder with appropriately placed openings for a Samsung Note 4 was impossible to find, even on Amazon. So Dan printed one.

Dan used OnShape to CAD the holder. Of course, there is carbon fiber reinforcement since it was printed on a Mark One.

  • The phone holder is shaped to direct the sound towards Dan’s desk, sparing the rest of the office from Eye of the Tiger
  • The cutout for the microphone allows Dan to use it as a speakerphone, too.

Screenshot-2015-10-16-15.56.51-1024x627A couple of layers of carbon fiber are on the sides, because Eiger will add composites automatically.

Modeled by Dan Topjian, MarkForged Sr. Application Engineer

You can also download the Samsung Note 4 Amplifier on Thingiverse.


Samsung Note 4 Amplifier Stand
Size 76.19mm x 68.59mm x 88.89mm
Estimated Print Time ~32h
Nylon Cost ~$9.00
Carbon Fiber Cost ~$3.45
STL Download