Last Friday at our Part of the Week event here at MarkForged, one of our engineers showcased and won the weekly contest with his rendition of a quadcopter:


Samrat leveraged the Hovership MHQ2 design from Thingiverse as a foundation for his quadcopter. He made some adjustments to the design:  an increase in plate thickness by 2mm for more body stiffness and an increase to the height of the landing gear to place a 4S battery at the bottom. Samrat also made the antenna stand.

To ensure the quadcopter could withstand some harsh New England terrain (and any occasional falls), Samrat reinforced the printed parts. The majority of the body is reinforced with carbon fiber. The arms are reinforced with fiberglass.


Over the weekend, Samrat took the quadcopter for a spin to see if it would fly. We’ve had a number of helicopter and quadcopters pop up in the office over the last few months, but this weekend was the first time we caught one of these guys in action:

You can check out his Thingiverse post here or download the STL files below.

STL Download: QuadcopterSTLs

Images thanks to Carl