Ethan Steele is a sales representative here at MarkForged. He grew up in Massachusetts, went to California and then came back as an adult. He quickly noticed the devices that hold the gas pump handle open just didn’t exist in Boston. In the winter, he was miserable standing out in the cold holding the freezing pump.

Ethan looked it up online and discovered it was illegal for gas pumps to automatically pump in Massachusetts. The reasoning is that static electricity could possibly cause an explosion, especially when the air is dry during the winter.

MA came to their senses in January 2015, likely due to the Mythbusters, but very few gas pumps have been updated to include auto-pump technology. Many pumps will never be updated.

Inspiration for the Guzzleine Antifrost Device

“Winter is coming. It’ll definitely be freezing out there and it seems crazy to stand out in the cold holding the pump. So I conceived of the Guzzleine Antifrost Device to keep me warm and safe from direwolves – in my car.” – Ethanv


Ethan designed it in TinkerCAD. It wraps around the pump handle where one would normally squeeze with their hand, using the teeth to grip the soft vinyl gas handle. The tiny cylinder shaped cavity is intended to hold a magnet. Then it’ll stick to the top of the fuel filler cavity, picture above, when not in use.

Ethan exported the STL from TinkerCAD and imported it into the MarkForged software. He just clicked print because the build was at the same scale as the TinkerCAD model, with no composite reinforcement, and no supports or brim necessary.


“The amazing thing is that a Salesguy with property management experience was able to conceive of the idea, create it in CAD, print it out and use it. Amazingly, it just clicked into place the first time.” – Ethan

Here is a shot of the Guzzleine AntiFrost Device stuck to the top of the fuel filler cavity, waiting for a chance to pump some gas. Stay tuned to the MarkForged Twitter and Facebook for action shots of the Guzzleine in action.



Guzzleine Antifrost Device
Size 59.44mm x 50mm x 10mm
Estimated Print Time ~1h 6m
Nylon Cost $.89
STL Download markforged_guzzoline_antifrost_device.stl () 
MFP Download markforged_guzzoline_antifrost_device.mfp ()

You can also download the Guzzleine on Thingiverse