Mark3D continues to expand ❗

We may need you, too!

For the fourth time in a row, Mark3D GmbH was awarded as the world’s largest partner of Markforged. In all three previous sales areas: Germany, UK and Benelux, we were both the strongest partner of Markforged in terms of sales and growth in 2019. We would now like to continue this success story in two more countries.

We need you for the successful expansion into Switzerland and Austria.

You are familiar with the challenges of optimizing the production chains of modern manufacturing companies.

You think and act independently, entrepreneurially, expansively and at the same time you sell personally with above average success.

Yeah, either one of those is not enough. We don’t need administrators. For us, each new area is a separate start-up but with the established brand behind it and full financial and personnel support from Germany.

We make 3-digit growth possible, but you have to implement it.

We have repeatedly rewarded employees who have earned it with entrepreneurial participation.

If this opportunity appeals to you, then contact Daniel Held.
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